My goal is to sell the trendy outfits that all customers can feel comfortable in yet look like their favorite star or maybe just the average girl/boy next door. Whether you love the look of famous singer Kehlani, R&B singer Jhene Aiko, or our blast from 2004 making a rise again in hip-hop and pop music Jojo, the point is to wear the best trends to make you love YOU.

The most important advice anyone can take about fashion is that it does not matter what your style is, the purpose is love how you feel in it. If you feel good in it, you look good in it, then that’s all that matters. You have to have the latest style to fit in society, you can rock whatever you like even if it’s not popular. Your style is what truly makes you unique from others!

Understand that you are important and different from the rest…

My purpose is to share knowledge about giving back to people in need, in this case, the homeless people who walk the streets of New York City! I want to incorporate fashion into giving back to those in need. Growing up in Brooklyn I saw homeless people every day on the streets and train stations, it was just there in front of my eyes. I always wanted to pyshically give back and that is what is BK Jewels will do.

The money from the clothes being sold online will go to creating a support system, a team that will develop BK NYC Shop as well as give out fashionable clothing packages and other necessities to the homeless



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